There are 0 tours available in Cameroon
There are 0 tours available in Cameroon

Cameroon Birding Tours

Our Cameroon birding tours explore one of the world’s least visited yet most rewarding birdwatching destinations, and we at Rockjumper pride ourselves in having operated numerous highly successful tours to this brilliant birding nation. If you are game for an adventure and want to experience first class birding and tropical Africa at its best, we highly recommend these tours!

Names such as Grey-necked Rockfowl, Bare-cheeked Trogon, Vermiculated Fishing Owl, Mount Kupe Bushshrike, Arabian Bustard, Quail-plover and Cricket Longtail should whet any birder’s appetite! Our Cameroon – Rainforest & Rockfowl tour, combined with our Northern Extension, will provide some of the most memorable birdwatching possible on the African continent and, as we thoroughly cover this vast country, we hope to observe up to 600 species plus a wealth of exciting African wildlife. cameroon birding tour cameroon birding tour cameroon birding tour

What our clients say about tours to Cameroon

  • A special thanks to you, Markus, you are an excellent guide. Your spotting and identification abilities are astounding to me. Also, you had so many ‘crazy’ things popping up on that trip [Cameroon 2011] and you handled each magnificently. Right after I got back, I started looking at which future tours you will be leading. I certainly hope to cross paths with you again. Also, tell the staff who handled all my questions and got information to me so quickly… hello and you did a wonderful job. Thanks to all of you.

    GM, Cameroon 2011
  • I had the best time imaginable [in Cameroon]. Occasionally I had to pinch myself to make sure it was all really happening. And Markus enhanced the whole experience with his vast knowledge, unflagging enthusiasm and sweet, yet saucy, disposition. I cannot praise him enough and would tour again with him in a heartbeat.  He was a joy to travel with.  I also want to commend…your Cameroon ground agent. He was a lot of fun and took very good care of us….made sure that things ran smoothly and kept us well fed. Thanks to Rockjumper and all involved for making it a super fun trip….and the birds weren’t bad either :-).

    LH, Camerron 2012